My Life is preserved by God's Mercy.

Text:Isaiah 54:17

  1. Any weapons program against my family this year, shall returned to their head and their generations in Jesus name Amen
  2. Any effort to draw me backward this year, they shall be sent to no destination in Jesus name Amen.
  3. The 💡 light they uses to trace people ‘s destinies, I command that light off now in Jesus name Amen.
  4. All my plan and agenda this year shall prosper in Jesus name Amen.
  5. Who shall annulled what God says concerning my life this year, die by fire.
  6. By the reason of anointing, am too fire to be fired in Jesus name Amen.
  7. They will gathered, but they will all stumble and fall in Jesus name Amen.
  8. Any satanic hole dug to rob my efforts this year, I used them to fill the hole in Jesus name Amen.
  9. This year I must reap bountifully what I sowed in Jesus name Amen.
  10. This year, I must it the good fruit of my laboured in Jesus name Amen.
  11. Whoever is assigned to monitor this year, die in Jesus name Amen
  12. You wicked one among my relatives , this year is your last year, I command you to die by fire by force in Jesus name Amen.

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Prophet Success Ikhile founder of prayer and solution Camp ground hail from Edo state Nigeria. Am gentle and kind of person. Love praying with people and for people. So this web is created for praying and study purposes. Connect and stay bless.

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